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Originator: Michel DAKAR

BP 324
75868 PARIS Cedex 18

Paris, 7 January 2009


To the representatives of the Member States composing the United Nations,

To the attention of:___


De facto non-existence of the United Nations Organisation, of international law, and the universal ‘Rechtstaat’ or law-abiding estate, since "the right of self-determination of peoples", a foremost principle of the United Nations which was incorporated in its 1945 Charter, was denied by the 1947 UN decision to partition Palestine in order to impose the State of Israel upon the World.

The Barbary State: that is to say the point of fracture, the point of no return.

This letter was written in memory of Michel Seurat - a French sociologist who was murdered for having dared make a scientific study of the Syrian Alawit circle of power, one of the worst in the World.



THE UNITED NATIONS ORGANISATION, the trumpeted symbol of a union of all mankind, which strived to implement a commonwealth of nations and was instituted by a charter based upon the right of self-determination of peoples in 1945, simply ceased to have any justification to existence only two years later, based on the mere fact that its General Assembly took the 1947 decision of despoiling the people of Palestine of their living space for the benefit of foreign occupants who had been settling there by force since 1920 with the military backing of the British colonial occupation army and the financial backing of some European banks.

This 1947 decision of the United Nations of wrenching away a people’s living space, a decision which in the long run was tantamount to striking that people off the map, was in total contradiction to the UN Charter, for that Charter was seated upon the basic principle of the right of self-determination of peoples.

Moreover, that decision simply negated the existence of law and even the very idea of right, for it enforced the right of conquest, of colonisation, of physical annihilation of a native population for the benefit of their aggressors, conquerors, and colonisers. In other words, it enforced the right of might – an oxymoron if there ever was one since it is embodies the total lack of any right.

That decision was tantamount to establishing violence as the normal mode prevailing in the world in terms of human relations and working agreements; it could also be equated to considering the idea of right as a mere travesty of violence, an empty cloak donned to hide the complete lack of any law, so as to wield violence the more readily - hence that ideology of "the Rights of Man" so characteristic of the West, and hence the plethora of hypocritical Western bodies devoted to "defending the Rights of Man", the three major exponents of which are the French Ligue des Droits de l'Homme, the English Amnesty International, and the North-American Human Rights Watch, and the most recent Reporters Without Borders – a CIA creation.

This 1947 decision put pay to any idea of a real human commonwealth. It established a World system based on terror, injustice, lies, sheer force, and on the lack of any ethics and all the like things that allow civilisation to flourish.

Arguably, the date of 29 November 1947 marks the start of humankind’s retrogression.

This 1947 decision was voted under the prevailing influence among the Western government circles of a network-like organisation, political and financial in character, which has developed in Europe from the end of 19the century onwards, and which we call Zionism.

It is a network without a centre, or head; it is a sort of mechanical organisation, a machine, a conscience-less automaton; it cuts across all conventional antagonisms, even those that are deemed irreducible, and thus brings together the extremely rich and the extremely poor, the liberals and the conservatives and even the reactionaries, as well as the various nationalities and religions. Its sole purpose is the conquest of power. It has succeeded in infiltrating the circle of Western rulers from the second half of the 19th century onwards. Members of the Zionist network can imitate life, but that is only an act. They work efficiently at what they are programmed to do - conditioned for, so to speak: domination. They are mere things.

This network keeps a sense of fellowship alive among its members through the hatred it knowingly cultivates among non-members, and through the fear such hatred feeds back among the network’s members. Hatred and fear are the two components that are indispensable to the very existence of that network.

Zionists toil tirelessly in order to divide, fragment and thoroughly split apart mankind in all possible ways until it is totally atomised, working a tight isolation of all human beings from one another so as to destroy and/or prohibit any organisation and cohesion among those who do not belong to their network, with the final aim of breaking the union, the social fabric, the solidarity and shared culture of all other human groups but their own.

The way Zionists do things can only be compared – if truth be told on a much smaller, microscopic regional scale - to that of the Syrian Alawit regime. Now, the way the minority Syrian Alawit power acted in order to destroy any and every opponent has been remarkably described by the French sociology researcher Michel Seurat, who paid for it with his life, in his masterpiece ‘L'Etat de barbarie’ (The Barbary State), chapters "De la tyrannie aujourd'hui" (Tyranny Today) and "La société syrienne contre son Etat" (Syrian Society against the Syrian Government).

Now, we have reached a critical period for the continuation of civilised human existence. Mankind must needs unite in order to tackle a conjunction of menaces every one of which would suffice to put it in deadly peril - climate change and its cascading cyclones, the imminent total depletion of all fossil energy resources, the soon-to-come dearth that can but morph into a lasting state of global famine in consequence of the depletion of the oil resources from which fertilisers and pesticides are derived, the inescapable sterilisation of the world’s arable land, and the unrestrained growth of human population, and the global evolution towards a durable and overall state of sickness induced by a massive and multiform poisoning of the environment.

The very existence of the Zionist stronghold that is the State Israel bars all possibilities that there might emerge within mankind a natural solidarity logically leading to a law-abiding estate, an estate of reason, an estate of law or reason, which alone would facilitate a union and organisation of all men and women into a commonwealth capable of tackling our imminent dangers - a commonwealth of which the United Nations were a blue print.
It is only in order to express what none of the powers that be dare express in front of Zionist intimidation that I, a simple, powerless human being, write this letter. It is written in French and will be circulated in English, so as to reach beyond the area of influence of the French language.

Being also aware that worst-case politics never brought about any progress, I am utterly convinced that whatever remains of order in the World must be preserved at all costs, albeit the said order be based on inequality and prove perforce unstable and utterly frustrating for most of us and totally pernicious but, nevertheless, infinitely less bad that the overall absurd, chaotic nightmare which is in the making.

We have nothing to lose any more - so we may daringly and naïvely use wisdom, and the desire to establish rightful laws and proper sharing and the paramount priority of general interest, for now every good is doomed, which means that the clever boys and girls who will strive to survive ( indeed, that is the primary sense of "survival") by doing the others in before they die themselves, inescapably - and by those I mean they who are called the A types, the "achievers", who are respected and shown as an example - will be even those who, by a just return of things, will suffer the most intense despair and agonise in the slowest possible fashion. And the show created by this Gotterdammerung shall in no way partake of the beauty and sweetness of the most ordinary sunset.

As for the members of the Zionist network, it is clear that, whatever they do, their eventual disappearance from Earth is inescapable, that they are dead and gone, for they are infatuated with a way of being that is ill-adapted to life. All they can do now is have mankind pay, most dearly, through sheer hatred and revenge, their own incapacity to simply be, as well as their imminent annihilation.

Michel DAKAR, a researcher and militant for the implementation of a global estate of law-abiding equality, the only state of existence that is possible for the human race.


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