Liste des banques privées fondatrices de la réserve fédérale U.S.


Did you ever hear of the Independent Treasury Act of 1921?

The Independent Treasury Act of 1921 suspended the de jure (meaning "by right of legal establishment") Treasury Department of the United States government. Our Congress turned the treasury department over to a private corporation, the Federal Reserve and their agents. The bulk of the ownership of the Federal Reserve System, a very well kept secret from the American Citizen, is held by these banking interests:

Rothschild Bank of London

Rothschild Bank of Berlin

Warburg Bank of Hamburg

Warburg Bank of Amsterdam

Lazard Brothers of Paris

Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy

Chase Manhattan Bank of New York

Goldman, Sachs of New York

Lehman Brothers of New York

Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

Maintenant, demandez-vous pourquoi cette information ne circule pas dans les journaux...