The end is near.

By Michel Dakar, November 26, 2005.

There is every reason to be optimistic, for the death-mongering political system that is so universally known and that nobody dares name a Zionist-cum-capitalist system is slipping away on a deadly slope.

It is a matter of a mere dozen years (One dozen years? Or perhaps two dozen years? Less than one dozen years?) until we witness its downfall.

Let's make an inventory of things as they stand.

Energy :

The energy resources - oil, gas and uranium – are all coming to an end. One always thinks of the depletion of oil reserves but one should not forget that natural gas and also, and above all, uranium are also depleted.

Alternative, renewable sources are totally inadequate to keep western-type societies afloat. Never in a million years could these sources deliver a tenth of the energy that is consumed by modern societies. Wind power will be negligible, unless we waste thousands of square miles to install windmills, which would make those areas impossible to live in. And bio-fuel can also be counted as a negligible source of energy, unless all the arable land that is now producing subsistence food is converted to other crops that could be used as raw material for energy production, such as colza - and then there would be nothing left to eat. All hydraulic resources are overused. Similarly, the capacity for producing solar energy is marginal.

Climate :

Nobody dares question any longer that climates have become unsettled ; some people even begin to understand that we are not seeing merely a general increase of Earth's temperature but rather a set of ever amplifying, ever more complex and for ever multiplied, unimaginable and unpredictable disturbances of every order that are ever more destroying for mankind and concern all aspects of climatology : marine currents, air currents, all the strata of the atmosphere, temperatures, rainfalls and snowfalls, droughts, and those disturbances will gradually extent to the whole world, not excepting a single area.

Public health - Pollution :

We can even speak about an infinitely varied worldwide poisoning due to multiple causes. All the waste matters produced by this our society are toxic and cause genetic mutations, cancers, so-called auto-immune, as well as other, diseases the causes of which remain obscure, such as AIDS, Alzheimer's and multiple sclerosis. Independent, honest experts predict that this ongoing increase in the number of cancer cases shall never cease and that in a very near future every single human being shall experience his or her own cancer during his or her lifetime, which means that one hundred percent of people will be affected by cancer – at least in the richest countries - and that the poor countries shall follow in their footsteps, although with a modicum of delay. There is not one single poison-free area left in the world.

The case of depleted uranium :

This material deserves a special heading. The atomic industry has found a way to get rid of its astronomical volumes of lethal waste, by selling it to the arms sector. All the armies in the World are now equipped with gear and ammo containing uranium, which is improperly called “depleted” for, although it is in point of fact depleted in fissile uranium, on the other hand it has a high content in extremely toxic nuclear matters, which never stop being transformed into other toxic and radioactive materials and will continue to do so over thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of years. This so-called “depleted” uranium is available in Iraq and Yugoslavia , but it can actually be found anywhere on our planet for, while being used, it is transformed into microscopic breathable particles that are carried away by the slightest breezes. For the human species it is the ultimate deadly poison, which makes it probable that the Zionists-cum-capitalists have deliberately decided to destroy mankind and – consequently - themselves. Photographs of incredibly deformed Iraqi babies are available on a number of Internet sites. That is a foretaste of what babies who are yet to be born will look like all over the planet. Tens of thousands of Western soldiers – say rather all the soldiers from the West that combat in Iraq - have been contaminated by that poison and are dying by inches all over the place.

Israeli Jews and Palestinians are united in their graves:

A strange thing is that the Israeli sponsors of Iraq's poisoning get their share of the poisonous dish fed to the Iraqi people, since Tel-Aviv is only one 1000 km away from Baghdad and is only separated from it by a desert pan, as there are no mountains to put any obstacle to air movement in an area where extremely violent winds sometimes blow from all directions.

There is not the shadow of a doubt that the whole of Israel 's population is as much subject to that annihilating process as are Iraq 's and the neighbouring countries'.

It would seem that the Zionist sponsors of the Middle East chaos are considering whether they shall not carry their war-mongering into Syria and Lebanon in the near future, that is to say on their own borders.

The Western assailants are victims of their own weapons :

What is also is strange is that the soldiers of the Western invading armies all kill each other unwillingly with their own weapons. This is a measure of the total lack of consideration most Western governments entertain for their own military.

But the people of the Middle East, the people of Yugoslavia and the soldiers of the West have only been the first to savour the poison. All the peoples of Earth are now invited to partake of this dish. Moreover, civilian industries have begun using massive quantities of this so-called "depleted" uranium, particularly the aviation industry, whose aircrafts scatter the so-called "depleted" uranium over the countries they fly over.

Exponential growth of mankind, rapid extinction of all non-domestic animal and vegetable species – only insects will survive, as well as bacteria and viruses - rarefaction of food resources through accelerated wide-scale destruction of all arable land, general deforestation, disappearing of primeval forests, rarefaction of potable water resources, disappearing of breathable atmosphere :

« No comment »

Dulling of wits in the World populations :

In the key wealthy countries of the West, the propaganda apparatus wielded by capitalism is totally under the thumb of the Zionists.

The aim of this propaganda apparatus is to maintain as much as possible the people's level of ignorance, stupidity, credulousness and infantilism, so that they are kept unaware of their degree of slavery.

This propaganda apparatus is formed of all the public-reaching sectors: book publishing, the movie industry, show business, and all the media, which include the written press, television and radio and lately the Internet, which, by the bye, still poses a controlling problem that everybody strives to overcome, not only the Zionists but also the whole body politic, that is to say all political parties, from the far left to the far right, including the small anarchistic groups, not to mention the unions and the so-called civil societies.

In the Zionist-cum-capitalistic system, the religious role - that is to say maintaining the people's ignorance and infantilism - has been vested in the Zionist propaganda apparatus.

Thanks to modern technological means, through which the effects of mental poisoning by Zionist propaganda are constant and omnipresent, the people's dulling of wits has no common measure with the earlier dulling of wits caused by religion. The level of intelligence in the Western Zionist-cum-capitalist system has never been so low in the whole history of the West - probably in the whole human history. If one goes back in history, be it only a century back, one discovers that there used to be an authentic and autonomous popular culture which resisted and opposed the power of the ruling classes and the dominant caste. That is no longer the case. There is no dye-in-the-wool opposition any longer, only mere simulacra of it, maintained by the powers that be, the better to shepherd their irreducible opponents. One can speak of a general and drastic impoverishment and dulling of wits of the whole population. Under the Western Zionist-cum-capitalist regime the individuals composing the peoples are no longer bound to one another; there is growing hostility among them; they are no longer able to participate to communal and societal life; they are ever more divided through the sowing of hatred, fear, mistrust, repulsion, disdain, racism and xenophobia.

When the times of the open crisis have come and this regime is no longer able to force-feed information on the Western peoples as it is even now doing in order to complete the effects of Zionist propaganda and keep these people apathetic, it will be interesting to observe these people's convulsive movements, for they will have become incapable of thought, of communal bonding and will have lost their primary societal survival reflexes, among which sharing and mutual aide.

Loss of contact with the real world, forced immersion of the whole population into madness, falsification of history, falsification of past and present times, inversion of values, of right and wrong, inversion of the relation of causality, reversal of the parts of criminals and victims :

Through its Zionist propaganda apparatus, the present system exerts itself towards destroying people's apprehension of facts, in order to plunge them into madness.

To achieve that, it makes use of the inversion process.

Thus it is that the real racists, the racist persecutors, are in point of fact those who complain of being victims of racism and are officially pitied, whereas the true victims of racism are accused of being racists and of persecuting those who are actually racists.

In a Zionist-cum-capitalist regime, denouncing the true racists is the biggest crime.

The victims of genocide are accused of being genocide perpetrators and the real genocide mongers are put forward as victims of genocide and are almost worshipped.

The hard-core criminals are put forward as saints and denouncing their crimes and their criminal status has become the greatest of all crimes.

The pillars of the Zionist-cum-capitalist regime are racism, genocide, censorship, untruthfulness, exploitation and unlimited robbery and that regime parades all virtues: right, fight against racism, freedom of expression, respect for life, liberty, equality, democracy, humanism, and humanitarianism.

How can any one dare believe that this will be a lasting state of affairs?



The following message have been written and are broadcast by Michel Dakar, who can be reached at the following address in France :



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Handling of these three web sites is continually hindered by some form of sabotage of the software. It is obvious that such interference comes from government services with high technical qualifications. The usual information safeguards are totally non-operating.


Moreover, these three web sites may be closed by judicial injunction at any moment.


Michel Dakar has been subject to multiple persecutions from the French courts and the French police, who undoubtedly act under orders from Zionist organizations, because he will denounce the genocide of the Palestinian people currently being perpetrated in Palestine by the Zionist Jews. That there might be such genocide is officially denied, so that the said genocide is un-officially legitimated. And its completion is helped by the Western countries, which call terrorists the Palestinian people who resist their own annihilation and victims the Zionist Jewish perpetrators of that genocide. The courts of the Western countries pursue the individuals who denounce those facts, branding them as anti-Semites and negationists.


France has fallen under the sway of Zionist Jewish organizations, which impose a new law upon her: terror, denial of facts, racial division and hatred. The French courts are under their thumb, as are the French government, the French media, the French show business, the publishing and cultural sectors, all political parties and all so-called «citizen» societies.


France has become the lynch-pin for an on-going colonization of Europe by the world Israeli - American totalitarian axis, an axis that is meant to be the backbone of a world totalitarian régime, a régime that we may call Zionist-cum-capitalist and which is essentially a life-killer bent upon exterminating all forms of life.


Please have this testimony published.

By Michel Dakar, Paris , February 8, 2006.