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Open letter

Title: « Indeed it is obvious that there can be no privileged citizens without slaves to serve them, and for that, clever people must be done away with … The rulers and the wealthy never hesitated to commit any crime in order to maintain their domination. ».
From Norbert TRUQUIN: Memories and Adventures of a Proletarian across the Revolution. 1887.


Dear Sir,


I am brought to justice by the French government, because I have repeatedly denounced the ongoing genocide of the Palestinians that has been started by the Zionist Jews. That there is such genocide is denied by the authorities in the Western countries, who legitimate it unofficially and therefore take a willing hand in it.


The introduction to my judiciary file is a letter written by some police person, in which I am described as “a crank suffering from psychological flaws”.


I am all too familiar with the judiciary and police methods not to take exception to such manipulation, which is but the harbinger of a systematic description of all political opponents as potential patients for Psychiatry and as suffering from “pathological” disorders.


Such a thought process is very well known. It is inherent to all totalitarian systems. To take a more general view, doctors as a body never failed to aid and abet that type of system.


At one time it was the Church who decided what was real and what was not and exterminated all who dared say reality was different. In our times that role of the Church will be vested, as last resort, in specialists of human behavior and mental health experts, viz. the psychologists, psychoanalysts and psychiatrists.


That determination of annihilating any kind of unfettered, free discourse, so characteristic of all totalitarian systems, is now beginning to appear in our world, which is why any one who sees and denounces the true face of Zionism and its genocide of Palestinians is being called insane.


It all begins with giving a free hand to mere police underlings. Here, they belong to a special department that is totally under the thumb of the Zionists and has won quite a reputation in France. Depending on the times, it has carried such Orwellian designations as Special Squad “for Repressing Aspersions on Individuals” or Special Squad “for Protecting Individuals” or Special Squad of “Sanitary Affairs” sometimes even of “Public Liberties”. It reports to the 4th section of the Paris “Parquet” (the Public Prosecutor’s office), which is but another body a la Orwell, the so-called “Public Liberties” section, and deals with publication cases, but we all know what that means: its primary function is to put a muzzle on freedom of expression and give chase to the thoughts and ideas that do not conform to the system’s ideology. That prosecuting structure is made complete by the judiciary chambers for the press – the 17th and 11th chambers for proceedings and appeals at the Paris Palace of Justice, and the 6th and 8th chambers for appeals at the Versailles Palace of Justice. Their judges, aping those of the CEDH (Cour européenne des droits de l’homme = European Court for the Rights of Man) in Strasbourg, take pride in bending backward in order to appear “independent”, “fair-minded” and “impartial”, such being the terms that are so brilliantly couched in the sacred and ultimate paper front of the system, that is to say the European Convention for Safekeeping the Rights of Man and the basic Liberties. Well I declare that such a system combines hypocrisy and Big Brother-like characteristics, which is why I call it a Tartuffe-like-cum-Orwellian system. It is quasi schizoid.


Now the whole construction is but an outbuilding of the Zionist-thought police, which, as we know, is composed of an amorphous nebula of organizations. The best known is the ADL (the Anti Diffamation League), which is headquartered in the USA and the function of which is to libel, spy on and persecute Israel’s opponents. The French avatar of ADL is called LICRA (Ligue internationale contre le racisme and l’antisémitisme = International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism). LICRA’s president, M. Patrick Gaubert, is well known for taking up positions that have racist and eugenist connotations. Also, being a representative at the European Parliament, he is concerned with the promotion of Israel.


So, in order to prevent that which is getting nigh, that is the systematic branding of any form of Anti-Zionism as a form of mental illness worthy of psychiatric treatment, and, more importantly, avoid a similar fate for any form of political opposition to the totalitarian system of the Western world, which will necessarily ensure, I am now writing to you, making this letter public at the same time.


I am far from ignoring the disproportionate numbers - nor the influential weight - of persons of Jewish origins among the professionals of mental health, nor the significance of the Zionist ideology among those people.



Those who specifically oppose Zionism in our days are a mere vanguard and, as such, they are necessarily the most exposed to the blows of the repressive organs of the system and are even now bearing the brunt of the repression that other opponents to Zionism will eventually experience.


The reason for that is that power in the Western world is gathered in the hands of the Zionists, a fact that all the politically committed people know very well in their innermost being but that it is forbidden to express or formulate - even in thought.


Not so long ago in the USA, psychiatrists went as far as to remove some parts of the brain in order to subdue those who disturbed the reigning order.


In the ex-USSR, every Gulag had its psychiatrists, so as to make the political dissidents incapacitated by electroshocks, insulin injections or nerve sedatives.


During World War Two Nazi doctors experimented on the prisoners, and so did Japanese doctors.


In Israel, which is the true core of the World totalitarian system, torture was declared lawful by the Israeli Supreme Court in 1996, a declaration which was reiterated in 1997 and 1998. Israeli doctors assist the torturers in their doings and lie over the causes of the deaths brought about by their cruelty. The Israeli Medical Association gives its supports to such practices. In Israel, torture is integrated to the mores. Tens of thousands of Palestinians have been and still are submitted to it. Hundreds have died from it. The Israeli torture experts teach their know-how in all parts of the world, to whatever government or private police/military department is concerned.


So do the USA torture in their worldwide network of prisons.


I hope that you will take a position on this. There is no doubt that what is practiced in the Third World and in Israel shall eventually occur here in our world.


Sincerely yours,



Attachment: a copy of the police letter, consisting of two sheets.
International LRAR n°
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Some information on how all opponents to Zionism and all who denounce the Palestinian genocide by Zionist Jews are described as potential psychiatric patients – an open letter to Juan MEZZICH, Chairman of the World Psychiatric Society, Geneva