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International call to all dissidents


Our planet is now in a general and permanent state of war - a war that was never declared and in which only one side is clearly delineated: the Western camp or NATO, whose opponent is the rest of the World, although the latter has not coalesced into a single camp as yet.


Warfare is the normal state for a human society that is based upon inequality. All unequal societies are organized in such a way that the masses are exploited by a restricted set of individuals – a caste constituted of a few dominant people who alone enjoy every power, every right and all of the assets, and naturally consider as mere nothings those that belong to the masses. In the Western camp, this state of things is carefully occulted by a careful pretence of law and democracy, in which there is supposed to exist a real opposition accepted by the régime.


In all unequal societies, the dominant castes will set up outlets that are meant to canalize and relieve the tensions suffered by the enslaved and unhappy masses. These outlets are well-known; I am talking about the utilization of certain menaces hung over the masses on the one hand and the use of scapegoats on the other hand. The Western camp threatens its people with Terrorism and Islam; and the side that is opposed to the West – in which Russia must be counted - makes use of Terrorism and Chechens. In China, it is the Uigurs. Every side tries to define its foe. The Russian government wields the Western menace over its Russian serf masses.  In Iran, one of the straw men of the Western camp presents Russia and China as enemies that must be annihilated, whereas the Iranian President claims that Israel, which is indeed the true nerve center of the West, its ideology center, its Vatican, is the ultimate evil. Opposite the Western camp, there is only an ill-structured conglomerate as yet, constituted mainly of Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and Cuba. Naturally, the Western camp strives to maintain confusion and division in the camp of its designated foes.


This situation is quite banal and was already exposed by G. Orwell in his famous novel ‘1984’. Orwell was quite pessimistic in his vision. He thought it impossible for dissidence to exist, i.e. he thought it impossible that there might be a set of individuals striving to protect their individuality, their independence of spirit, their freedom and their capacity to communicate, while being committed in politics.


Orwell had imagined a totalitarian system, Oceania, very similar to NATO indeed, in which every citizen would fall prey to the political police, which kept permanently taut a net constituted of a phony network of resistors called ‘the Brotherhood’, and in this network any dissident was bound to get caught eventually. In that totalitarian system all human relationships were proscribed , including that between lovers; emotional and moral isolation was total; everybody’s life was invariably clocked by daily televised minutes of hatred - a catharsis that was reached through the apparitions of ‘Goldstein’, a subversive character, and through the explosions of rocket bombs sent by Oceania’s rival totalitarian systems, Eurasia and Eastasia, now declared foes, now allies; yet the hero of the novel suspected that these rocket bombs might be sent by his own government. In the NATO system we know, Goldstein is none other than Bin Laden.


In Oceania, a host of officials were employed in destroying the diversity, the wealth, and the various nuances of the spoken language, through the manufacturing of a ‘Newspeak’ dictionary, with the purpose of making it impossible to conceive and formulate the notions of individuality, autonomy, opposition and resistance. A like purpose is pursued in NATO, through the destruction of all local cultures and the mandatory usage of English ; and in France, through the recuperation of the indigent vernacular of the ‘banlieues’, which is but a pale copy of the former ‘verlan’ (or inverted language) of the underworld, the whole being mixed to whatever remains of the French language, in a population that is molded from an early age into rejecting the efforts of reading, thought, research and speculation, and into avoiding the processes of long and complex logical reasoning.


In NATO, only one people are admitted to using one tongue that is theirs alone; and they are even forced to do so. I am talking about the Jews who must learn Hebrew, a dead language of ancient times in Palestine, the use of which was even then reserved for priests and for liturgy, the Jewish people of those times using Aramaic as their common tongue. Newspeak is a tongue that is used for drilling and submission, for destroying the very idea of individuals, for destroying awareness.


An incrustation in the psyche, a sort of graft of the cerebellum, called ‘Crimestop’, was operated on the people of Oceania. This was a Pavlowian process which automatically blocked any mind striving to progress towards certain defined areas the access to which was prohibited by the powers that were. In NATO, the populations are conditioned by a kind of similar ‘Crimestop’, which pertains to anything that concerns the Jews and the genocide of the Jews organized by the Nazis, the so-called Shoah or Holocaust.


In such a system, history is constantly revised and rewritten and it is perfectly impossible for the everyday Janes or Joes to be acquainted with the real past and the current reality. Everything is subjected to some degree of falsification, and all antagonistic camps joyfully falsify all actual facts, present or past. Everybody lives in a totally fictitious world. Their only contact with reality takes place when one meets the political police. In Orwell’s novel, the hero went through his own arrest with relief, as he felt it was inescapable and had begun to wish for it unconsciously. His characteristic utterance on the occasion was “We are the dead”. One can see that nothing new has been invented. Yet Orwell did not foresee the present worldwide environmental disaster, caused by the intrinsic carelessness of the totalitarian systems, which will be sufficient to bring about their utter collapse. Nor did Orwell imagine a totalitarian system such as NATO: submitting its peoples and compromising them with the ruling régimes and compelling them to grow much stupider than they would have become with conventional propaganda, through the ploy of a hedonistic policy called ‘consumption’. The celebrated Western ‘citizens’ are barely more than Circe’s swine: fattened, cared for and petted before they are roasted.


Yet it can be ascertained that dissidence is still possible. In the Western camp, among those who are most pitilessly hunted down, there are real dissidents –and I write ‘real’ knowingly, as the political police of the Western regime manufacture a quasi perfect simulacrum of dissidence (vide the recent case which was humorously tagged “The Invisible Insurrection’ by the French Special Services) - are those who are presently branded as ‘revisionists’ ; in Germany and Austria, they are condemned to serve dozens of years in prison for mere writings and public declarations about what they deem to be an invention of propaganda, that is to say the genocide of the European Jews by the Nazis (the Shoah or Holocaust). As a matter-of-fact, the Shoah is but the center line for the ideological construction of the Western camp, an ideology that legitimates the hegemony of the West over the World, de-criminalizes the endless list of massacres, tortures, pillages of resources, destructions of peoples and countries and even whole continents, which the Western armies and commercial companies keep perpetrating without a moment’s respite. It is in memory of the Shoah that the West is ravaging our planet, annihilating peoples and cultures and degrading its own population. According to the Orwellian coinage:  “It never  existed.” In the West, any critical work of the official history of World War II is to be considered as a major act of subversion of the Western totalitarian system, and is supposed to trigger an irrepressible, uncontrollable reflex of hatred and rejection, as per the effect of the Orwellian “crimestop”. Had there been no Shoah, the propaganda of Western totalitarianism would have no nervous influx. And I predict that the transparent smokes of 9/11 will not replace the very dark and thick ones of the Nazi ovens.


Should one wish to prove that dissidence exists In the camp opposed to NATO, it will be enough to name a few figures, for example that of the French sociologist Michel Seurat, a lover of the Arab world who did his sociologist’s work over the Syrian régime, or that of the Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya who was doing her reporter’s job over Russia. Both were assassinated.


I deemed that all this was well worth setting out, before formulating the message I want to convey with this paper. My message is that dissidents of all sides must on no account join the party opposed to that which persecutes them, for taking such a course would annihilate the truth of their action, though that action cost them their freedoms and sometimes even their lives.


All the dominant castes in the various antagonistic camps are birds of a feather; the one and only war is played between two altogether different and opposing sets:  on one side the dominant castes that are apparently in competition with one another and each other’s declared enemies, and on the other side all the masses of the dominated populations from all the seemingly antagonistic camps.


Ms Politovskaya had already begun to express this point of view, which appeared explicitly in her writings on many occasions. She had no open admiration for the West. As for Michel Seurat, he did not serve any camp, neither that of Western totalitarianism nor that of the Syrian dictators.


In fact, the dissidents in a camp often disturb the powers that be of the side in which they live. Any dissident that serves one of the dominating castes no longer qualifies as a dissident. Although the path I am going to propose may appear fraught with dangers and difficulties, it must be considered now, for, should dissidents of any camp place themselves under the protection of a competing caste and find safe haven in the opposite camp, this would basically benefit all the dominant castes.


Any dissident that makes allegiance to one of the dominating castes implicitly acknowledges by doing so that it is impossible to exist outside of a tyranny, outside of oppression, outside of a state of UN-equality.


Such a course is tantamount to recognizing the state of un-equality and oppression, the state of woefulness and war as the natural state of mankind.


At all times the dissidents of a certain régime turned to the competing régimes in order to find safe haven and support.


This must cease, for it is a dead end and all but reinforces all the power systems.


We must break the vicious circle in which mankind has imprisoned itself since the birth of the true monotheistic religion, the Manichean one, Judaism, the Christian faith and Islam being mere avatars of that religion, a religion which allow us to reject upon our fellowmen any domination we suffer and allows us to feel justified in dispossessing, exploiting and exterminating them.


We must learn afresh the true ‘savoir-être’, that unique Ariadne’s thread which constitutes the only link to the Universe, i.e. knowing when to draw aside.


Paris, on 25 July 2009; written by Michel DAKAR.

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